I was very unsure about exercising in a class having not done anything for years but Penny makes the class such a friendly, happy, welcoming environment. Everyone is too busy concentrating on their exercises to worry about anyone else. Lovely class and I feel much fitter for it."


I really felt I was in safe hands with Penny when I was pregnant. I felt so strong and relaxed. After my son was born I knew I could trust Penny to get me safely back into shape and she has! I would totally recommend her as a teacher to anyone having a baby."


I'm thoroughly enjoying Pilates classes and would definitely recommend Penny as an instructor. Under Penny's supervision I feel confident to do the various positions and am certainly benefitting from the classes."


Penny explains the exercises really well and takes the time to help you get it right in class. I've really noticed a difference with my back so it must be working."


Having done Pilates for many years, I was delighted to find Penny as a teacher. She really knows her stuff. She not only works me really hard but makes every session fun and different. I really look forward to our sessions and even asked for a bunch of privates as a birthday present from my husband! She makes me look and feel fabulous! Worth every buck."


Whilst attending Penny's classes she advised me on excercises to do at home and a piece of equipment to use to help improve my headaches. Both suggestions have been a great help to me. During the classes Penny keeps a close eye over you and will correct you to make sure that you are doing every move correctly. Penny is extremely empathetic to an individuals needs and puts every effort into improving them. I would highly recommend these classes. Thank you Penny."


Body Control Pilates is playing a vital part in maintaining and improving my physical health, well being , core strength and mobility. I have been attending Penny’s classes for 2 years and can’t do without them ! Penny has that winning combination of being a first class instructor,charming, keen to go the extra mile for our individual needs and a great example herself of the value of Pilates."


I had spent years going to and from the chiropractor with my back, but it kept going. The private classes I had with Penny helped me put an end to that. My back is now stronger and it hasn't gone since. Rather than a temporary fix, this has really worked."


"Following advice for a back problem, I came to Penny never having tried pilates previously and thinking that it was only for women. Penny has been marvellous with her teaching, made me realise how beneficial pilates can be for men as well as women and has made big improvements to my posture, mobility and the management of the discomfort with my back. Looks like pilates will be part of a change of lifestyle for me!."


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Love working with the ring and the bands - it really hits the spot


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