Private / Specialised Classes

One to one's (1 instructor, 1 client).

Privates classes are perfect for those recovering from illness,injury or with specific athletic needs. Or for anyone looking for a tailor made individual session. Results will be faster and areas most requiring attention will be targeted. 

One to two's (1 instructor, 2 clients)

These tutoring sessions are an excellent way of having the benefits of a specific exercise plan but with the advantage of sharing the cost. These are often a good alternative if regular class attendance is difficult.

Private sessions are available either at the studio or in the comfort of your own home. I will provide all the equipment needed, you just need a little space. 

Pregnancy and Post-natal

Pregnancy sees the body undergo massive musculoskeletal, physical and emotional changes so it is vital to know that you are exercising in a safe and beneficial way for both mother and baby. This is a lovely time to have some individual sessions, as it allows you some essential relaxation and 'me' time.

I can work closely with mum to ensure that you stay fit, healthy and confident with your body throughout the pregnancy. I am able to liase with your midwife if you wish, with many midwives embracing Pilates.

Pilates can help with the positioning of the baby's head and to help mum prepare for the labour and delivery. It can help with second stage labour and is beneficial both during and after the birth.

The block of three sessions make an ideal gift for mum's-to-be and new mums, whether it's first baby, or mum needs help to relax and keep healthy with a growing family. 

Both One to one and One to two  sessions are available either at the clinic, studio or in the convenience of your own home.

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